clay fishThanks to you we made $3,805 through Indiegogo and direct donations. This fall Artbarn will offering clay classes for adults and children due to the support of so many in our community!

Thank you to the donors:
Little Tots Manor
Ron Kaplansky
Michele Nidenoff
Julie Hill
Filip Filipov
Nikola Rukaj Gallery
Mary Thelander
Brenda Schultz
Debbie Bolton
John Thorpe
Sarah Nind
Rosemarie Jackson
Vicki Carrier
Hadley Michael
Jane Cowan
Maxwell Nghiem
Kirsten Smith
Sarah McMaster
Patricia & Howard Goldblatt
Sarah Bradbury
Alex Dissette
Harry Lay
Beth Merriam
Clare Thompson
Jeff Cameron
Henry & Cathy Rendall
Sharyn Gitalis
Lindy Green
Kerri Plexman
Patricia Norton
Rita & Dave Richards
Anne Abbass Harkness
Jacquelyn & Eugene Siklos
Andrea & Greg Milavsky
Jennifer Rieger
Jennifer Bizzarri
Sabina Mexis
Laura McPhie
McMaster Family
Sue Ennis