After we made the #MAKEARTTO sign, yarn-bombing got under our skin. Or maybe it’s that one big idea has a way of leading to another. Whatever the reason, we simply had to yarn bomb again. This time, we nailed up an 8 foot set of wings, and wrapped colourful yarn to make them soar.  Check them out on your way to visit us.  They are located on the green wooden fence that follows the path to the community centre. If you are walking, cross the street at Oriole Park to the North Side of Eglinton Avenue and you will see them.

If you stop and take a photo with them, send it to us at Or tag us on social media:  we can be found on Instagram as @artbarn_to, Twitter as @artbarn_school and Facebook @artbarnto.

Thank you to Jessica for posing for us. Jessica is our awesome co-op student from Ryerson.