Your art, your story, your comic book – Fall 2018
For Kids Ages 8-12

Class Description

Taught by a professional animation artist, this fun course is designed to build on fundamental drawing skills such as proportion, perspective, character design and environment design in order to help the students achieve a quality comic book. By the end of the class each student will have a short comic book in hand that will encompass all the necessary skills to keep on creating high quality comic art. The materials used in class are pencil on paper, ink and markers.

Maximum class size is 8 students.


Class Calendar

Your Instructor

Olivia Hamza

Olivia Hamza is an animation graduate from Seneca College. She describes her practice as sourcing and collecting a wide range of imagery, figurative and abstract, from high and low culture in order to photobash concept pieces that innovate in design and mood. Making use of photography, painting, 3D modeling and texturing the image mashups communicate visual information pertaining to the concept guidelines. A background in VFX working on films such as Thor: Ragnarok and Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time have shaped the concept artist into a highly creative and productive part of any visionary team. A solid background in anatomical, architectural and mechanical drawing have also granted her many opportunities exhibiting conceptual Fine Art with organizations such as Pictoplasma for their exhibit “Character Compendium” at the Museum de Arte Marco, Mexico and galleries across Europe. As well Olivia has exhibited at various art, comic book and gaming conventions and festivals.