Realistic drawing for kids

This course focuses on observational drawing. Children will draw various props from real life as well as self portraits. They will work in both graphite and charcoal, learning how to shade objects to make them more realistic. At the end of the 8 weeks, your young artist should have more confidence in their ability to draw what they see!

Join us & have fun getting messy!


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Shannon Molenaar

Shannon is a long-time member of the Artbarn School community. She has joined us for many classes, exploring print, painting and drawing. She has been a member of the Artbarn School board of governors since 2017. Shannon now attends OCAD University where she is completing her Visual and Critical Studies Bachelor of Arts with a minor in painting and drawing. Shannon has taught drawing to children at Oriole Park and the Crescent School. She has a gentle way of encouraging budding artists to work through their obstacles with light strokes of the pencil, until they find the right line. She likes to hide the erasers in order for children to see their work evolve.