Winter Artbreak – Tropical Escapes
For Kids Ages 4 - 11

Class Description

Enjoy our Tropical Escapes from during school holidays.  Children who may have spent the morning trekking through the snow banks can come in for a cheery, sunny art-break all afternoon. Our projects include pop art exotic birds, beachscapes & mermaids! These fun projects are designed to be skill building and targeted to the level of each student. For parents or caregivers, those 2.5 hours are the the closest thing to a beachside vacation you can find anywhere in Toronto!

Class Size is 12 students.

Class Calendar

Your Instructor

Marika Kamaras-Garland (B.A. ECE)

Marika has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Ryerson University’s Early Childhood Studies program. She is an artist who primarily works with watercolours and inks, and loves sharing her passion for the visual arts with her students. She has a wealth of experience teaching art classes for children at the ROM and JCC and strives to allow each student to explore their own creative narrative.