Spring 2018 Your art, your story, your comic book
For Kids Ages 8-12

Class Description

Join us to create your very own comic book! If you are into graphic novels, you’ll love this new class –  comics are the shorter, cheekier cousin to the graphic novel!  In this course we go from blank page to finished piece. You’ll create a unique character with back-story, then use them in your drama/fantasy/mystery/action/fairy or superhero-tastic action story. There are all sorts of fun things your characters can get up to!! Sean will help you explore anatomy, posing, storytelling, and cover design. Students will develop their own unique style and learn the step-by-step process of how a comic book is created. This is the perfect class for a young person who has ever wanted to create their own comic or enjoys reading graphic novels!

Maximum class size is 10 students.

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Your Instructor

Sean Montgomery

Sean Montgomery is a life long fan of comic books and admires it as an artistic medium for story telling. He is a full time graphic designer and illustrator and works primarily in digital media. He starts his work in pencil before digitally scanning in his work and using various software to create a polished final piece. He is passionate about art and loves exploring new styles and techniques. He believes it’s important for everyone to develop their own unique style and encourages everyone to be open to trying new things.