Wet + Wild Abstract Acrylic Workshop
For Adults

Class Description

Discover abstract painting with acrylics! In this workshop we’ll explore some new and different ways to work with acrylic and acrylic mediums, gels and pastes. This workshop will be filled with innovative techniques, inventive approaches and breakthrough results. Discover fresh takes on texture building, paint pouring, archival surface building and protective finishing, and all of it working with GOLDEN Artist Colors (value $80). Go with the flow as you explore your options in this “wet & wild” workshop. Discover many ways to apply acrylic paint, each achieving it’s own unique quality and rich appearance. During this class you will have an opportunity to work with both “High Flow” and “Fluid” acrylics, Mediums, and Golden’s incredible Grounds. High Flow, with an ink-like consistency, is great for drawing, pouring, dripping and staining. You will experience the paint flow on a variety of surfaces prepared with GOLDEN Grounds. A palette of Fluid Acrylics will be used to further explore color and wet media movements, taking advantage of transparent and opaque pigments to develop contrasts. Your artwork of the day will be stimulated by the incredible flow of the paint and your imagination! You will learn how to loosen up and apply your paint in a gestural, painterly manner. Join us for targeted instruction and training – this may open the door to an exciting new level of creativity and artistic expression. The workshop begins with a full explanation of materials, methods and a step-by-step painting demonstrations. You will learn and practice, and will end up producing a few small finished paintings. A personal style will be highly encouraged! You will create compelling art not only by focusing on technique, but you will discover your unique “content”. Beginning students will find encouragement and confidence, while more advanced students will benefit from insightful solutions to their artistic challenges. A short group critique will end the painting session, and everybody will go home with a few small finished paintings!!

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Bianka Guna