Come for the inspiration, stay for the comradery. Barb shares her passion for the medium of Watercolour with everyone – any age, any stage, any level of artistic ability . The classes are warm and encouraging and many friendships have been formed over learning a layering technique, practicing lost and found edges and making colours sing. Lots of laughter too as you help each other enjoy the magic of letting go and letting the paint dance on the paper . There are demos for each stage of development and Barb takes photos and e-mails the points she has covered to make it easier to follow the lessons. This class is more suitable for the non-beginner.

Flexibility between the Monday afternoon and Monday evening classes insure that you can make up classes you miss.

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Barbara Hotson

Barbara Hotson (Honours BA, MA) is a visual artist endlessly challenged and intrigued by the interaction of water, pigment and paper. According to her it is the unpredictability of the medium of watercolour that keeps her hooked! She spends time thinking and planning and drawing a piece and then has to let go of control as she paints. The suspended particles of pigment in the water create a blend all their own on the paper. She feels as if she is merely the facilitator. Barbara paints in series which arise out of what is concerning her at the time. Country Roads reflect the landscape near their farm up north near Thornbury. Beaches mirror her love of the ocean and the spaces beside it. Gates is about the transitions in our lives. She exhibits at the Autumn Leaves studio tour and many other venues in Toronto, Collingwood and Florida.