Rust & Dust in Watercolour Workshop
For Adults

Class Description

This watercolour workshop will feature a classic still-life of rusty and dusty metal objects. Observation skills will be stressed and flat-angled brushes will be used. A series of exercises will culminate with a large sustained watercolour. Sound process, colour, composition and brush-handling skills will be presented and discussed. Some prior watercolour experience is suggested. Barry Coombs is a very experienced watercolour artist and educator. You can see his work at

Your Instructor

Barry Coombs

Barry Coombs is a Hamilton-based visual artist and art instructor. His teaching focuses on watercolour painting and pen and ink drawing. He has exhibited his work in Canada, Taiwan, China, and Korea.
He is noted for his positive and constructive attitude and ability to work with students of all levels of skill and experience. Barry brings over twenty years of experience to outdoor painting and sketching workshops in Atlantic Canada, England, France, Greece, Italy, USA and Mexico.