Painting The Night – Cool Light, Warm Shadows
For Adults

Class Description

A different approach, this workshop plays with the reversal of the usual warm highlights and cool blue shadows. Great technique for painting night scenes. Cool light adds mystery; the mulling darks of warm shadows muffle, quietening into darkness. You will learn to mix blue violet vibrant glints of light and warm ambered rust and eggplant violets for shadows. All levels.

Supplies for this workshop: your usual oil (no solvent) or acrylic painting kit and gear and one canvas size of choice, additionally primed in advance (optional to tone the ground – white is great). The subject matter is your choice entirely. It can be landcape or urbanscape but equally it can be still life or figurative, a scene in the dark where lighting is minimal and the sense of night is palpable.

Your Instructor

Andrea Mossop

In her own work, Andrea Mossop synthesizes a mind-body integration into large oil paintings of the human form. Growing up in Toronto immersed in the arts, Andrea graduated in Fine Arts from Western University and advanced studio work at OCAD. Mossop is renowned for her breadth of imagination and depth of knowledge, teaching at St lawrence College and the Haliburton School of Arts.