Mini-Mini Art
For Kids Age 1 Year

Class Description

Give your child the advantage of exciting early learning through art. Even before they can speak children are able to express themselves with art and build their confidence. Studies show that toddlers benefit from early art experiences since it enhances their perception, spacial awareness, attention and other cognitive skills. As well they develop fine motor skills that are so important for literacy later on. An unexpected benefit: parents or caregivers can spend some time, relax and enjoy the tactile creative activities as well.

Class Calendar

Thursday 11-11:30AM 9 classes total, $224

Fridays 11-11:30AM 9 classes total, $224

Thursdays 10:15-10:45 9 classes total, $224

Your Instructor

Marika Kamaras-Garland (B.A. ECE)

Marika has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Ryerson University’s Early Childhood Studies program. She is an artist who primarily works with watercolours and inks, and loves sharing her passion for the visual arts with her students. She has a wealth of experience teaching art classes for children at the ROM and JCC and strives to allow each student to explore their own creative narrative.