Mandala Drawing Workshop
For Adults

Class Description

Find your inner karma with a fun, relaxing mandala workshop! A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe. Artist, Samantha Reid, will introduce you to mandala structures and offer you some basic shapes and patterns you can use for your drawing. Simply relax, let you your creativity flow and you’ll see just how easy it is to create beautiful mandalas that have harmony, symmetry and balance.

Your Instructor

Samantha Reid

Sam is a professional Graphic Designer who has always been an artist; trying her hand at all different types of art from when she could hold her first pencil. She found her niche in drawing mandalas and has perfected those skills over the past few years to create stunning pieces. She finds mandalas to be a very meditative and therapeutic form of art and uses them as a way to remove herself from the digital world for a while. Sharing her skills in art has inspired her to teach classes and hopefully cultivate a career in design teaching. Her work is bold, modern and eye catching and she hopes to inspire others to find their creativity and express it in any way they can.