Kitchen Canvas Workshop
For Adults

Class Description

Paint like an oil painter with acrylic paint! Learn new methods of how to create an oil-like acrylic painting of a contemporary still life. We will be painting a fruit study, desserts (yes, cupcakes!) or vegetable. Bring one of your favourite foods. You will take home a wonderful small masterpiece for your kitchen. 

Acrylic mediums, gels, pastes, paints and 10×10 inch canvases will be provided for this workshop!


Your Instructor

Sandra Iafrate

Sandra Iafrate is a certified GOLDEN Artist Educator for GOLDEN Artist Colours Inc. and teaches about current paints, pigments, mediums and materials and how to use them in creating contemporary art. Sandra is also co-founder of North Toronto Group of Artists, has launched launched many community and school-based arts projects and initiatives. Her paintings of nature and flowers are in a variety of mediums: oil, acrylic and mixed media, and her works are exhibited and sold internationally.