“I continually find that the people who make up our world are the most fascinating of subject matter; hence they feature in much of my work.” Grethe Jensen

This hands-on portrait painting workshop is designed to help you build the confidence to add people to your artwork. Explore how to use colour to express passion and attitude, how to use value to create mood, and how surface building techniques can convey energy and movement. Abstraction in all its forms will be encouraged. Please note that this workshop focuses on expressing mood and feeling, with minimal emphasis on capturing the likeness of an individual.

This workshop is suitable for artists at all levels who wish to explore abstracted portraiture. Enthusiastic beginners are welcome.

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Grethe Jensen

Grethe Jensen is a contemporary artist/instructor whose work is abstracted, rich in colour, and approached with a spirit of exploration and experimentation. Creating expressive portraits and faces is a core element of her practice. Her arts education has been self-directed, non-structured and intense, including numerous workshops and classes with many different instructors. She is dedicated to a full-time studio practice, and she is living proof that there is nothing like “Just Doing It!” to enhance learning and growing. She teaches extensively in and around Toronto.

“Teaching others and encouraging sharing and camaraderie among artists is something that I take great pleasure in.”


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