In this innovative class, students will explore various facets of ‘experiential learning’ through a hands-on abstract perspective. This artful inquiry creates a space for students to position themselves as learners while reflecting on themes such as learner-autonomy, decision-making, self-directed learning and vulnerability as part of the personal and professional growth process.

Students will be taught four projects, learning new techniques using unconventional tools to create colourful abstract drawings and paintings experimenting with this creative and intuitive method of learning.

No previous art experience required. Materials list supplied.

Intuitive Painting Materials List

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Catherine Shea (B.A)

Catherine began her visual arts study at Ridley College, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto. Known for her explorations in colour theory, Catherine develops and teaches her own art workshops, in addition to expanding her own art practice. Cultivating a creative and therapeutic approach, Catherine integrates her experience as a professional artist, with her studies in health and wellness guiding clients through an intuitive process to discover new methods of visual expression and communication through the visual arts medium. Click here to visit her website and her facebook page