This new workshop is designed for those who have some basic experience in acrylics and want to go to the next level. We will explore contemporary landscape painting approaches inspired by home interiors, views from a window, action in the street or architecture of the city. Learn more about artists, such as those in Les Nabis group in order to develop your own personal vocabulary. Please bring reference photos if possibleĀ to complete one group of preparatory sketches and then two small working canvases.


Your Instructor

Elizabeth Greisman

(BFA, B.Ed)

Elizabeth studied at York University and graduated with a degree in Visual Arts and Education. She studied Dance Education at the Laban Centre in London and graduated from Ryerson University in Landscape Design. Since 2001 she has participated in yearly international residencies where she developed collaborations in art, dance, poetry, music, theatre, creative writing and cuisine. Elizabeth is a practicing painter, curator and visual arts administrator who has worked both internationally and in Toronto with a studio at Wychwood Barns. She has exhibited 5 years at Spadina Museum during Nuit Blanche in Toronto, the Canadian Embassy in Dublin, and has had shows in Marnay sur Seine France including two garden installations and an illustrated cookbook based on seasonal fruits, flowers and vegetables.

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