Inspired by the exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario Impressionism in the Age of Industry, until May 5, this painting workshop focuses on how to capture the play of light, the particular vitality of big city life. The urban landscape shaped by modern architecture’s iconic abstraction is carved against the skyline. In striking juxtaposition, against this backdrop, is Toronto’s remarkable wealth of great green spaces, ravines and parks, High Park and Centre Island, and the waterfront. Expressways arcing with the elegance of spaceships, overpasses, underpasses, the pulsing speed of highways, trains, streetcars and pedestrians, streets lit at night, downtown hubs of social life all lend themselves to the lively brushwork and vibrant colour of the Impressionist painting style. Even the construction sites have their own energy. We will look at the Impressionists and at Toronto artists such as Hugh Mackenzie and Brian Kipping (painting of Union Station above) to steal the urban edge. We are sure your image ideas are already moving at city pace!
Bring your own reference(s), materials (acrylic or oil), and canvases.
Not suitable for beginners.

Your Instructor

Andrea Mossop

In her own work, Andrea Mossop synthesizes a mind-body integration into large oil paintings of the human form. Growing up in Toronto immersed in the arts, Andrea graduated in Fine Arts from Western University and advanced studio work at OCAD. Mossop is renowned for her breadth of imagination and depth of knowledge, teaching at St lawrence College and the Haliburton School of Arts.