Learn to paint anecdotal winter scenes in a limited jewel-like colour palette inspired by Quebec artist, Clarence Gagnon (1881-1942). Gagnon created a snowy world of hills and valleys; animated by villages, houses, sleighs, and people. Painting your own vision, learn how the sinuous lines of printmaking and illustration informed his clarity of style. Like his colleague James Wilson Morrice, the quick study mapped the sharp light shadow contrasts & lively colours. Borrow his simplicity of method & light kit, in a limited palette of pure white, reds, blues and yellows.

Bring your own reference(s), materials (acrylic or oil), and canvases.

Not suitable for beginners.

Your Instructor

Andrea Mossop

In her own work, Andrea Mossop synthesizes a mind-body integration into large oil paintings of the human form. Growing up in Toronto immersed in the arts, Andrea graduated in Fine Arts from Western University and advanced studio work at OCAD. Mossop is renowned for her breadth of imagination and depth of knowledge, teaching at St lawrence College and the Haliburton School of Arts.