Colour Clinic: why + how to use modified colour workshop
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Class Description

Deepen your colour understanding and expand your painter’s toolbox with this lively primer/refresher on modifying colours. As painters + designers, we are inevitably drawn to the excitement of full-intensity colour, but too much of a good thing can leave our work looking more like candy and less like painting. In this workshop, we’ll learn about tints, tones and shades, colours created by mixing all three primaries, and mixed blacks. We’ll then practice using modified colours to create several different effects through fun hands-on exercises. Leave straight-out-of-the-tube behind and start using colour like the pros!

Your Instructor

Kal Honey

Kal Honey is an artist, art instructor and former graphic designer. An award-winning graduate of OCAD, Kal’s work includes painting, assemblage, and collage — encompassing bold graphics, subtle patterns, text and wordplay. Kal has exhibited recently at: Red Head Gallery, Queen West Art Crawl, and Otto Art, Toronto. Kal teaches artist-to-artist: inspiration, challenge, structure, support, artistic freedom, lively discussion — and laughter. He is an instructor at Haliburton School of the Arts (diploma, certificate and summer programs), Neilson Park Creative Centre and Visual Arts Mississauga, as well as leading workshops, giving lectures and jurying exhibitions throughout Southern Ontario.